Év Fórumozó Előadó Dal Döntő Pontszám Elődöntő Pontszám
1956 Nem vett részt Nem volt elődöntő
1957 András Patricia Bredin All 5. 8
1958 Nem vett részt
1959 Gergő Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson Sing, Little Birdie 1. 23
1960 Gergő Bryan Johnson Looking High, High, High 2. 21
1961 Petra92 The Allisons Are You Sure? 1. 34
1962 Tanti Ronnie Carroll Ring-A-Ding Girl 4. 8
1963 Tanti Ronnie Carroll Say Wonderful Things 3. 26
1964 ESCMarko05 Matt Monro I Love the Little Things 6. 14
1965 Kathy Kirby I Belong
1966 Kenneth McKellar A Man Without Love
1967 Sandie Shaw Puppet on a String
1968 Cliff Richard Congratulations
1969 Lulu Boom Bang-a-Bang
1970 Mary Hopkin Knock, Knock Who’s There?
1971 Clodagh Rodgers Jack in the Box
1972 The New Seekers Beg, Steal or Borrow
1973 Cliff Richard Power to All Our Friends
1974 Olivia Newton-John Long Live Love
1975 The Shadows Let Me Be the One
1976 Brotherhood of Man Save Your Kisses for Me
1977 Lynsey de Paul & Mike Moran Rock Bottom
1978 Co-Co The Bad Old Days
1979 Black Lace Mary Ann
1980 Prima Donna Love Enough for Two
1981 Bucks Fizz Making Your Mind Up
1982 Bardo One Step Further
1983 Sweet Dreams I’m Never Giving Up
1984 Belle and the Devotions Love Games
1985 Vikki Watson Love Is
1986 Ryder Runner in the Night
1987 Rikki Only the Light
1988 Scott Fitzgerald Go
1989 Live Report Why Do I Always Get It Wrong?
1990 Emma Give a Little Love Back to the World
1991 Samantha Janus A Message to Your Heart
1992 Michael Ball One Step Out of Time
1993 Sonia Better the Devil You Know
1994 Frances Ruffelle Lonely Symphony (We Will Be Free)
1995 Love City Groove Love City Groove
1996 Gina G Ooh Aah… Just a Little Bit
1997 Katrina and the Waves Love Shine a Light Nem volt elődöntő
1998 Imaani Where Are You?
1999 Precious Say It Again
2000 Nicki French Don’t Play That Song Again
2001 Lindsay No Dream Impossible
2002 Jessica Garlick Come Back
2003 Jemini Cry Baby
2004 James Fox Hold On to Our Love A Négy Nagy tagja
2005 Javine Touch My Fire
2006 Daz Sampson Teenage Life
2007 Scooch Flying the Flag (for You)
2008 Andy Abraham Even If
2009 Jade Ewen It’s My Time
2010 Josh Dubovie That Sounds Good to Me
2011 Blue I Can Az Öt Nagy tagja
2012 Engelbert Humperdinck Love Will Set You Free
2013 Bonnie Tyler Believe in Me
2014 Molly Children of the Universe
2015 Electro Velvet Still in Love with You
2016 Joe & Jake You’re Not Alone

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